Small & Medium

加拿大28ACI’s range of small and medium centrifugal fans and blowers are suitable for a wide variety of applications and industries and combine quality engineering with innovative and flexible design solutions.

These fans produce low noise emissions and meet various needs according to their size and performance. The range includes maximum flow rates of up to 11,000m3/hr and pressures of up to 250mBar.

With proven efficiency figures, the installation of a small or medium centrifugal fan is very effective with its simple and reliable operation as well as easy maintenance and repair.


HF Standard Series

  • Flow rates up to 11,000m³/hr
  • Pressure up to 28mBar

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VBL Series

  • Flow rates up to 3,000m³/hr
  • Pressure up to 18mBar

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VBM Series

  • Flow rates up to 1600m³/hr
  • Pressure up to 13mBar

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VBW Series

  • Flow rates up to 2,400m³/hr
  • Pressure up to 20mBar

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VB Slimline Series

  • Flow rates up to 600m³/hr
  • Pressure up to 7mBar

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MR Series

  • Flow rates up to 6,100m³/hr
  • Pressure up to 47mBar

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QB Series

  • Flow rates up to 1,300m³/hr
  • Pressure up to 8mBar

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EP10 Series

  • Flow rates up to 2,040m³/hr
  • Pressure up to 250mBar

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