Standard Cable Dryer

Standard System


加拿大28This standard drying system is fully enclosed and has a height adjustable stand which allows it to be easily positioned into most lines without any issues. Round or flat product profiles, with diameters between 2 and 25mm can be successfully dried at maximum line speeds of up to 400m/min.

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General Characteristics:

Discharge Figures

Pressures >200mbar

Air Temperature: 80 Deg.C (176 Deg.F.)

Air Speed: 8,800m/min (28,900ft/min)

Product Capabilities

2 < 25mm diameter

Running speeds of 400m/min

Noise Levels (Blower only)

Below 76dB(A) for blower

Standard Voltage

3Ph, 400/480V, 50/60Hz

Input to IP55 control box


Powerpack, drying head plenums, and
optional spray enclosure: Stainless Steel
304 and fire retardant ABS

Face plates and drying head end-caps:
Polyethylene PE1000; Connecting hose:
thermoplastic rubber

Outline Drawing:

What’s inside?

ACI’s Standard Cable Drying System is a self-contained, blower-driven unit that uses precisely controlled air flow that reduces noise and dramatically cuts energy consumption.

It works by closely focusing powerful angled air jets against the flow of the product。  These air jets are opposing, and aim at the top and bottom of the product to hold back the advancing residual moisture。  This is achieved by breaking the surface tension of the water, allowing it to gather and be stripped from the product。

Soft edged flexible rubber baffles then form a torturous path to help catch and contain the resultant spray preventing it exiting the enclosure to avoid causing potential water related H&S issues。

加拿大28The removed water drains from the enclosure which could be piped back into the system to save costs and improve processes。  The baffles are able to flex enough to allow knots and other line impurities to pass without consequence, along with the sprung loaded plenums which house the air jets。

The Power Pack

The high-velocity air is supplied to the system by a 3kW, direct-drive multi stage blower which offers quiet operation (76dB(A))。 The blower is supplied with an inverter drive as standard and comes pre-fitted in an ABS enclosure。

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