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加拿大28ACI provides methods of air delivery to specifically target smaller or specific areas where moisture needs to be removed from vessels such as wine or crown capped beer bottles.

This includes: Crown Caps, Bottle Necks and Problem Areas。

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Crown Cap Dryer

ACI’s Bottle Cap Dryer is a nozzle manifold specifically designed to target and remove water from the crown cap area of glass bottles to prevent and reduce the possibility of corrosion and contamination。

The Bottle Cap Dryer design includes:

  • Two stainless steel (314) manifolds with 4 discharge nozzles (each nozzle is Ø9mm)
  • A clear Makralon splash cover fitted with handle.

Neck Dryer

ACI’s Neck Dryer is specifically intended for the drying of wine bottle necks so that labels will adhere effectively.

The design comprises of two stainless steel plenums, with a JetPlate discharge made from PE1000. Each plate has two slots of 100 x 1.5mm and a pre-determined slot pattern, allowing air to remove liquid from the product. The brackets that are supplied with this unit also allow for easy movement and adjustment.

The Neck Dryer fits over existing conveyor guide bars so no modification is required. This unit can be adjusted to suit various sizes of product by modifying the position of the supplied brackets.

‘Spider’ Nozzle Manifold

ACI’s ‘Spider’ Manifold is a nozzle arrangement designed to target specific problem areas such as under crown caps, the necks of wine or beer bottles。


The ‘Spider’ Manifold includes:

  • A polypropylene manifold with up to 10 PDM nozzles
  • A stainless steel and polymide cantilevered clamp kit.

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