Purposely designed to improve the efficiency of ACI’s bottle and drying systems whilst also simplifying installation and on-site maintenance。

Derived from Air Knife Technology, ACI’s JetPlates are designed to improve the efficiency of how blower-driven air is delivered to conveyed product such as PET and Glass Bottles。

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If you would like to discuss the suitability of this system for your application, please contact us.


JetPlates – features and other benefits:

  • When compared to Air Knives, JetPlates are able to deliver twice the volume of high pressure air over product
  • The conveyor guide rail is replaced by the JetPlate. This allows air to be delivered within milimeters of the product
  • The JetPlate slot design enables moisture to be directed both downwards and away from the conveyor line, thereby preventing any water recontamination
  • The installation of JetPlates simplifies the installation, maintenance and operation processes
  • JetPlates require no pitch adjustment to achieve optimum drying performance
  • JetPlates can be combined with other ACI Air Delivery Devices
  • Different faceplates are available to cater for jars, unsteady bottles as well as an array of traditional bottle & can heights & widths.


The design configuration of a JetPlate is completely dependent on bottle shape and size, speed of the line and the nature of the label type being applied。


ACI manufacture many Jetplate variants to cater for all bottle & can types/heights, as well as pots, jars & tins.


Our Range of Products

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